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Krönika – Den vite mannens börda.

Biståndskritikern William Easterly är i Sverige. Han är mest känd för boken “The White Man´s Burden”.  Här är några citat:

“High aid revenues going to the national government benefit political insiders, often corrupt insiders, who will vigorously oppose democracy that would lead to more equal distribution of aid. Systematic evidence in a couple of recent studies suggests that aid actually decreases democracy and makes goverment worse.”

“Supporting a sitting government with funds is unavoidably a political act.”

“Is money given to a bad government going to reach the poor? Perhaps the reason the country is poor has something to do with bad government?” 

“The only problem is that foreign aid volume is an input to development, not an output. It seems strange that bureaucrats and politicians would focus on the input – total aid dollars spent.”

“Aid agencies are rewarded for setting goals rather than reaching them, since goals are observable to the rich-country public while results are not.”

William Easterly är en av de forskare som jag skriver om i min bok “Sveriges afrikanska krig”. Läs om boken genom att KLICKA HÄR.